Trisand Services

TRISAND services specialize in property land acquisition, planning permits, construction project development, project marketing and sales, rental and funding investment services.

Uniquely, Trisand partners/or purchases on longer settlement with property owners to realize the latent value in their land and property by offering a turnkey development package to manage the redevelopment of their asset.

Many site and land owners acknowledge the potential for redevelopment of their asset but do not have the expertise to realize the potential returns that can be achieved by a redevelopment. In many cases site owners end up selling their sites for far less than could be realizable if they had undertaken a partial or complete redevelopment of their site.

TRISAND experienced development team offer a unique solution for unlocking the latent value of site owner’s property assets. Trisand development team includes town planners, architects, engineers and specialist consulting expertise in areas such as traffic management, environmental assessments, building surveyors and geotechnical engineers.